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      March 1983 Environmental Sculpture major newly included within Industrial Art Department
      March 1983 Professor Kim Chang-hee appointed to Industrial Art Department
      June 1986 The first Seashore Exhibition held
      November 1986 The first issue of Johyeongji (sculpture journal) published
      March 1988 Environmental Sculpture Department newly established (detached from Industrial Art Department)
      July 1991 Professor Jung Dae-hyun appointed
      October 1993 The first Environmental Sculpture Exhibition held
      March 1999 Included at College of Art (Environmental Sculpture Department, Music Department, Industrial Design Department )newly established
      March 1999 Professor Hong Seung-nam appointed
      July 2001 Title changed from College of Art to College of Arts and Physical Education
      September 2001 Professor Park Heon-yeol appointed
      September 2003 Master's degree course newly established at Graduate School
      February 2004 Professor Kim Chang-hee retired
      July 2004 Relocated to Design and Art Building
      August 2004 Professors Ahn Byung-chul, Kim Suk appointed
      September 2004 Opening of Design and Art Building and Commemorative Exhibition
      July 2007 Design and Art Building extended
      September 2008 Professor Lee Yoon-seok appointed
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